Educational Psychology

Human development and educational psychology
If you want to become a teacher, you should focus on enroling in an educational psychology course. Why, you ask? Well because for starters, you need to have a good idea of the human psyche and development, before you take on a classroom. This is how you will be able to best understand the individual learner and the instructional process. Educational psychology helps you apply the theories of human development in order to understand individual learning and to refine the process of teaching.
While interaction with teachers and students in a school setting is an important part of their work, it isn’t the only aspect of the job. Learning is a lifelong endeavor. People don’t only learn at school, they also learn at work, in social situations and even while doing simple tasks like household chores or running errands. Psychologists working in this discipline, examine how people learn in a variety of settings, to identify approaches and strategies in order to make learning more effective.