Computer Lab


       The Computer has become the most amazing teaching tool ever invented. Hence Computer Education is a part of curriculum in Mangalam College of Education. Every student is provided with a computer with Internet accessibility. Moreover, the computer lab of Mangalam College of Education is spacious enough to accommodate 50 students at a time. That makes group computer education possible. To make themselves into effective and efficient persons at college and home, the future teachers are expected to avail themselves of the facilities offered at Mangalam College of Education 



v  Computer                 -       23

v  Internet Access       -       YES

v  Television                -       03

v  Tape Recorder         -       01

v  Radio                       -       01

v  O.H.P                       -       01

v  Headphone              -       02

v  Digital Camera        -       01

v  Fax Machine            -       01

v  Mike                         -       02

v  Screen                     -       02

v  C.D Player               -       01

v  Sound Speaker       -       01

v  Amplifier                 -       01

v  Micro Phone            -       01

v  L.C.D Projector       -       01

v  D.V.D Player           -       01

v  Charts and models are present